What is Lead Generation? Uses & Examples


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What is Lead Generation: Thanks for landing on to this page, here we’ll answer for this Question(What is Lead Generation?) as this is a frequently asked question by marketing aspirants.

What is Lead Generation?

In Marketing, lead generation is a process of cultivation of customers or finding of a business or product. Lead can come from many sources or activates such as through referrals Telephone calls, through advertisements etc. A study says that direct Traffic, search engines, and web referrals are accounting for 93 % of lead generation.

What is Lead Generation in SEO?

SEO helps to bring traffic to your website. There are different ways to do it. When people come to your website with links which they get using keywords. Now they are at your place you have chances to convert those visitors into a lead, and eventually make sales. This way SEO and lead generation are linked with each other. By…

  • Knowing your audience
  • Define your leads
  • Identity targets keywords
  • Monitor ranking. By following these steps you can create your known strategy.

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

  • Lead generation helps in the marketing process of stimulating and capturing the interest of people in order to develop sales.
  • Lead generations often use a digital channel for its purpose.
  • With changing the time the buying process has changed marketers have to deal with finding a new way out to sell their products. Marketers have to concentrate on being found and how to make good relationship with customers.


What is Lead Generation Process?

 It is a process of initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into product or services of a business. Or in simple words, it is a way to attract people to some product or service for which they have shown interest. E.g. job application, coupons, online content.

Lead Generation Examples

  • Databox: It is a key performance indicator and It takes data in real-time for businesses. This can be done by removing the animation down the page.
  • Ellevest: it is a platform for women’s. They face completely different life cycles. This is a platform that allows women’s to plan the future in less income.
  • Book of the month: It is a club which provides five hardcover books to choose every month and allow you to take them from your doorstep for a period of the fee.

Lead Generation Strategies

  • Marketing Automation: You have to improve your sells and marketing to get your process running. This can be done.
  • Website Content Management.
  • Create beautiful content and try best for promotion.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Lead Intelligence Gathering.
  • Lead segmentation.
  • Analysis: Review the data what is useful and what’s not.
  • Distribute: Share the content which is specially designed to attract a customer. The content which is specially made by them.
  • Know your people before taking any step you should know whom you have to attract.

Lead Generation Techniques

  • Effective advertising: Advertise in such a media that will help you to reach a large number of people. Focus on communication and try giving your information in short content.
  • Referral System: Third party involved in better than anything. The idea that people who are already using the service have to refer the service to known ones. This will bring trust and. It will be much effective than anything.
  • Telemarketing: This technique is very flexible this will allow you to get attached to other markets and help you find out prospective customers what they like and dislike. This will help you design good marketing techniques.

Sources To Learn More About (What is Lead Generation?)

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