What is Digital Marketing?


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What is Digital Marketing?  Thanks for landing on to this page, here we’ll answer for this Question (What is Digital Marketing?).

What is Digital Marketing?

The marketing efforts were done using electronic devices or the internet. The use of search engines, social media email and to promote your product on the internet comes under Digital Marketing.

Or they we attract people to a particular website or products comes under digital marketing.

Marketing is all about bringing up people at right place and time yes!! on internet people are already there you have to bring them to a perfect place at right time. Or in simple words, any form of marketing strategy on the internet is digital marketing.

 Digital Marketing Definition

The digital marketing is the way to reach consumer or to make consumer reach the product by any digital means the mean idea is to promote brands through various forms of digital media

Digital marketing father expands itself to social media, advertisements, search engines marketing etc.


What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

The word strategy can be a synonym to plan the way you are going to fall in the digital life to promote your product.in today’s world digital marketing is essential to have a way ahead. Here are some of the way to implement this are.

1.Setting A Goal: You have to set a goal. Since the whole world is on the internet many people are busy with the same stuff you have to focus on your work having a goal can.

 2.Creating A Marketing Funnel: The funnel means the journey of a customer from stranger to lead. With this, you need to create strategies so that those strangers move on this path.

3.Developing A Call-To-Action: This is the way you need make such strategies that make people take action. By action, we mean that tempting them to follow the funnel.

Digital Marketing Examples

  • Pizza Hut: This was an app which allowed peoples to make their pizza or to order a pizza of the way they want people can decide the toppings they want and can order it within 2 weeks the pizza hut was downloaded 100,000 times.
  • Dell anti-role day: It was a strong initiative of eradicating rote learning from our education system.
  • Zappos: A leader in shoe e-commerce sets the gold standard for online customer care. It provided a 365-day money back guarantee
  • Ola: it is one of the magic of digital marketing it is an app by which you can book a cab anywhere any time in the city to travel.

Digital Marketing Courses

You have to learn a lot since it’s not an easy task to make a market for a product.

  • Versatile Institute Advanced Digital Marketing: A coaching institute for digital marketing is practical focused teaching located in Indore it is a 4.5 star rated center.
  • Udemy: You can get courses in digital marketing at Udemy it is an online website where you can get the course at a cheap rate.
  • You can get many books online and offline at general bookstores or at shopping sites such as Amazon at and can learn about digital marketing.

Role Of Digital Marketing

The role of digital marketing Is to provide audience or customer for a product that is sold online by means of digital marketing anything can be spreading to a huge audience in less number of time.

How To Do Digital Marketing

This can be done in many ways…

  • By Digital Advertisements: In this way, we provide ads to the top traffic gainer websites.
  • Content Creation: By writing attractive contents.
  • Search Engine Marketing: A strategy to bring traffic to your website.
  • Retargeting And Remarketing: A strategy to target customer how have already visited your website.

Final Words

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