Instructions to keep Google away from your cell phone’s data

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Killing the Location History include on your Android cell phone won’t keep Google from knowing where you go and when.

Data on your area will keep on being gathered, as Google uncovers in the fine print of the Android expressions of utilization. Killing the component just guarantees that the information never again gets added to your month to month Location History. Be that as it may, some area information will, for example, still be spared in the event that you utilize Google Maps.


Be that as it may, there is an approach to totally kill the information accumulation on your Android gadget. Open the security menu in your Google record and afterward select “Action controls”. Here, you can kill the “Internet and App Activity”. At exactly that point will the gathered area information never again be spared.

These means can be taken straightforwardly on your cell phone in the Google application or through an Internet program in the wake of marking into your record.

Additionally under the protection menu, clients can choose “My Activity” to see which information is made when they utilize Google benefits and erase information on the off chance that they wish to do as such.

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