How To Make A WordPress Website? (2018)


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How To Make A WordPress Website?: Thanks for choosing us, here you’ll see about How To Make A WordPress Website? that might be interesting to you and also help you to build your own website.

How To Make A WordPress Website?

In today’s fast-moving world websites are the best way to reach every corner of the world in a very easy way. Starting your own business or implement any idea website may hold your hands. But how to make a website? a long span of code ?? Or that when you don’t know to code? You have to hire a developer then you don’t money? Don’t worry. Using WordPress which provide you a drag and drop method to form a website.

How to use WordPress?

The WordPress is extensively used to create websites using a hosting and a web domain even you can create a website to run your business. You have to use drag and drop options available on WordPress and a good website will be in your hand.

WordPress is extensively used to form beautiful websites by means of drag and drop way.

  • Visit the WordPress website. Then make an account.
  • Provide your information using a valid email and create a WordPress underneath there are features you can select the feature list where you can select the type of website you want.
  • Enter your registered domain and web hosting credentials
  • You will get a notification in your registered email which will help you to activate your account.
  • Give your website a title and enter information into it give your website a theme and make your first post. You can even manage your widgets and customize your website the way you want. Once you have completed all this you are ready to do the things.

WordPress Tutorials

  • There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube from where you can learn how to play with WordPress in an effective way.
  • Udemy and other online sites:: there are sites like Udemy from where you can buy courses for WordPress.
  • Tutorial point:: this a website from where you can download free and effective pdf to learn WordPress. Using this you can learn how to create a website with WordPress pdf
  • There are books available in the online as well as offline markets which will help you in learning WordPress.

How to make a WordPress Website 2018?

  • Setup: You need a domain and web hosting for your website.


  • Install WordPress: The place from where you have hosting go to c panel and click on WordPress this will quickly install the WordPress.


  • Selection of Theme: To create the nice visual appearance for your website select a theme that will help you. Now, this is the time to add content to your site and customization of the website which you can do by the underneath options provided by the WordPress.


  • Finally, our website is ready to use.

How to build a WordPress website from Scratch?

You can follow some course or follow the following steps that will help you build your website.

  • Set up your domain and hosting from various option available across the internet.
  • Choose the type of website you want.
  • Master the elementor page builder.
  • Install themes, plugins, and widgets
  • Create pages and blogs fill your website with content and the things you want to upload.

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