10 Games Like PUBG on Android and IOS


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10 games like PUBG on Android and IOS: Thanks for choosing us, here you’ll see about 10 games like PUBG on Android and IOS that might be interesting to you and addictive than Pubg.

10 Games Like PUBG on Android and IOS

The battle royale PUBG is spreading like anything in all over the world battle royale game where you have to fight for your survival you have with your guns and other equipment due to the availability of any reason you are not able to use this game here we compile Pubg Alternative Android.

Games Like Pubg for Android

  • Rules of Survival: Rules of survival hit close to home and it’s quite similar to this battle royale with over 100 million downloads 8*8 km island with 120 other players the idea is that you have to the last man standing in the whole standard.

10 games like PUBG on Android and IOS

  • Free Fire Battlegrounds: A Battle Royale game with all controls and map on the screen so that you can navigate freely and easily the idea is that you have to take down 49 other plying members in 10 minutes before the windows shutdown.

10 games like PUBG on Android and IOS

  • Black Survival: A Pubg style game you have to take anime character and you will be dropped into a remote place with 22 different places include remote area, destroyed city etc. and then the battlefield will be locked and you have to fight for 20 min for your survival.

10 games like PUBG on Android and IOS

Some of the Offline Games Like Pubg for Android

1.Icey: It is a beautiful action hack-and –slasher you have to fight in various level having easy control all on screen it is a freestyle game will fighting you will explore many things a worth playing game.

2.Thimbleweed Park: It is an amazing old school game an offline game with battle places like monkey island etc. Having many interesting features like stories like FBI agent investigating a murder mystery in a normal.

3.Crashland: Crash-land is one of the best game like player unknown battleground for android this idea is that you have to go on a planet with a mission to build your base by defeating your enemy and fall back to space this  battlefield is easy and attractive with design as if you will get the real feel of battleground. A must try a game for $6.99.

4.One of the mobile game similar to player unknown battleground is battle royal strike survival. you are with all your guns and rocket launcher you have to enter in the lobby when the people join your lobby they will be divided into 2 teams and killing for each you will get 1 point in the maximum point of 20 mins. You have to win.

Games like PUBG on IOS

1.Titanfall Assault: A Multiplayer game published by electronic arts the concept is first-person shooter game same as pubg you have to fight for your survival the game you are dropped into the action and you have to shoot people who are playing with you.

2.Kill Shot Bravo: You have to play for money collection in each mission you have to kill at least of people with maximum it can go you can improve your weapons either by game money or premium purchases.

3.Dead Effect 2: In this game, the shooter is looking to push the boundaries of the first-person shooter to improved level with improving the graphics with a multiplayer mode this is a good and decent game and can be a substitute of PUBG.

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