What is Logo Design ? | Types of Logos | Logo Design Tips


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What is Logo Design?: Thanks for landing on to this scrap. Hah, just kidding. Here, we will discuss the What is Logo Design? | Types of Logos | Logo Design Tips on the market.

What is Logo Design?

Logo Is some sort of pattern or picture that is used to as a symbol to show any organization, it is used as letterhead, for advertisement or it can be thought of emblem or sign by which organization can be recognized logo is also famous as logotype designed to uniquely identify the company, brand, any name or trademark.it can be thought of simple visual mark used to recognize any company.

What is The Purpose of Logos?

The purpose of a logo is to help in uniquely identifying or uniquely figure out a brand or a company, name etc.in today’s world. The world is moving so fast that companies have very little time to impress customers. The logos are made so catchy and attractive. So that they can attract customers.

What is A Logo Used for?

A logo is an abbreviation of a logotype. It is a graphic mark or emblem or symbol used for promotion, identification or recognition. They’re the symbol which attracts public for this purpose.

What is Logo Design ? | Types of Logos | Logo Design Tips

Some Logo Samples

Types of Logos

  • Letter Marks: They are used with 2-3 words instead of lengthy names and are used for brand identification purpose they are used the few letters that are used are generally companies name initials letter some of the examples are ABP, IBM etc.
  • Word marks: It is a font based logo which is concern about the business name they work well for a company with a distinct name they are generally catchy and memorable Example: Google.
  • Pictures and symbols: A pictorial remark. It is an icon or image or graphic based design generally some show something. They are catchy and easily rememberable that what a company wants.
  • Mascots: They are in the form of spokesperson or character. They are funny colorful and sometimes cartoonist. It’s not but yes you can think of them as the company’s ambassadors. Mascots are great for companies that want to create a wholesome The KFC’s mascot is a perfect example.
  • Combination: They are a combination of many marks or includes both picture and text. Well known combination Lacoste, Burger King.

What Makes A Good Logo?

A good logo in its pure form should convey an intended message they should be appropriate, practical, graphics.

  • Simple: They used to be as simple as they can a good logo features something without being overdrawn.
  • Memorable: A good Logo should be memorable they words used should be catchy with clarity in them they should be such words which makes people smile.
  • Versatility: A Logo should have versatility it should be able to stand in a different medium they should be functional and unique.
  • Appropriate: A Logo should resemble the purpose or the brand or company it is made for the way it will be useful according to study 94% of the logo doesn’t resemble their companies work. This is where you can beat them by making an appropriate logo.
What is Logo Design ? | Types of Logos | Logo Design Tips

Logo Designs Samples

How is a Logo made?

You might have understood What is Logo Design? and Now We’ll see How Logo is made. You need to decide for what purpose you are making the logo then this is the time for concept and design you need to make such a design which should be attractive and should convey your message. The third step is to gather all the information and start making the logo in this step we see whether to include things in it or not. After figuring out all the things this is the time to finally design your logo.

Letter Mark Logo Design

A letter marl logo design uses text to create the mark. They are very popular in re-branding campaign for companies the best thing you can do is use the initials of your company name it will make it easily remember-able.

 Final Words

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