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                            Steve Jobs Speech

Read the story of the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who created the iPod and iPhone company that can change your life too. In this speech, you will get a glimpse of his whole life history or biography.

Whenever the name of the most influential entrepreneurs of the world is taken, then there should be no other name in it, a name definitely comes. And that name is STEVE JOBS (Steve Jobs). APPLE Company’s co-founder does not know this world as the world’s only one successful entrepreneur, inventor and businessman, but is also counted among world’s leading motivators and speakers.And today, while meeting your commitment to sharing the finest Hindi articles with you, we are sharing with you on AchhiKhabar.Com (AKC) Steve Jobs’s probably the best speech “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” in Hindi. This speech was given on 12 June 2005 at the convocation ceremony of Stanford University.

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”

Thank You! Today, I feel proud to be in the convocation of one of the world’s most famous universities. Let me tell you the truth; I have never passed a college; And for the first time today I have reached such a close to a college graduation ceremony. Today I would like to tell you three stories of my life … nothing more than just three stories.

My first story is about connecting dots. Within 6 months of enrolling in Reed College, I left the studies, but I went there somehow till 18 months after that. So the question arises why did I leave college? Actually, it started before my birth.

My biological mother * was a young, unmarried graduate student, and she wanted to give me someone else for adoption. But he had a good wish that any college graduate would adopt me. Everything was absolutely set and I was about to be adopted by a lawyer and his wife that suddenly the couple changed their mind and decided that they needed a girl. That’s why, after half-night, my parents, who were then in the waiting list, were called upon to say, “We have a baby-boy, would you like to adopt him?” And he hastened yes.

Later my biological mother came to know that my mother is not a college pass and her father is not even a high school. Therefore, he refused to sign the Adoption Papers; But after a few months, after the assurance of my coming parents to send me the college, they agreed. So that my life started like this and after seventeen years I went to college … .Unfortunately I chose the expensive college as expensive as Stanford. All my deposits of my working-class parents started visiting my studies.

After 6 months I did not see any value in this study. I did not have any idea what I wanted to do in my life, and how college would help me in this. And above all I was spending my parents’ earnings throughout my life. So I decided to drop-out college … and thought that would be good. At that time all this was quite scary for me, but when I look back, I think it was the best decision of my life.

As soon as I left college, the obligation to do the required classes was over. And I started to quietly class our interest only. All this was not so easy. I had no room to stay, so I had to sleep on the floor in the friends room. I used to eat food from the money returned by returning the bottle of coke …. I used to walk every Sunday 7 miles to go to Hare Krishna Temple, so that I could eat a meal for at least a week in a week. It seemed to me quite well.

Whatever I did in my life because of my curiosity and intuition, it proved to be priceless to me later. Let me give an example At that time Reed College was probably the best place in the world where Calligraphy * was taught. Every single poster in the entire campus, every single label would have had beautifully calligraph from the fingers.

Since I had been drop-out from college so there was no need to do normal classes. I decided that I would classigraphy class and learn it well. I learned about serif and sans-serif type-faces; It also learn how to separate the space between different letter-combinations and what makes a good typography good. It was beautiful, it was so artistic that it could not be captured by science, and I liked it very much.

At that time there was little hope that I would use these things in my life. But when we were making the first Macintosh computer after ten years, I designed it in a Mac. And Mac became the world’s first computer with beautiful typography. If I did not drop-out from college then Mac I would never have multi-typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts, and because Windows had copied a Mac, then maybe these things are not in any personal computer. If I had never dropped out, then I could never do classes of calligraphy and then maybe the fonts that are in the personal computers would not have happened.

Of course, when I was in college, it was impossible to connect these dots in the future; But after ten years, when I look back, everything looks very clear. You can never pair dots by peeping into the future. You can only connect dots by looking at the past; So you have to believe that whatever is happening now, it will go ahead and connect somehow to your future. You have to trust in some thing – in your own guts, in your own destiny, your life or in your karma … some thing I have to believe … because believing that dots will connect further. You will have the courage to listen to your heart … even when you are walking on a different path … and that will make the difference

My second story is about love and loss. I got what I wanted soon. Woz and I was Apple 20 years old when I was 20 years old from my parents’ garage. We worked very hard and in 10 years Apple grew from two people to a company of $ 2 billion and 4000 people. We just had one of its finest creation Macintosh releases a year ago, I was thirty and I got fired from the company.

How can you become a fire from your created company? Well, as the company grew, we hired a talented man, whom I thought he would run company with me, first one year everything went well …. But then the differences between the two of the company’s future vision began to arise. The talk reached the Board of Directors, and they supported him, so at thirty, I was fired … publicly removed. The focus of my whole adult life was now over, and it was totally devastating. I did not really understand what I should do for the next few months.

I realized that by accepting all of this so easily, I have degraded my first generation generation entrepreneurs. I met David Packard * and Bob Noyce * and apologized if everything happened to them. I was a huge public failure, once I even thought of leaving the valley *. But gradually I realized that I am passionate about what I am doing. Because of what happened in Apple, my passion has not diminished …. I have been rejected, but I still love my work. So I tried to start over again I did not think so, but now I think the good thing could not have been with me by firing from Apple. The burden of being successful now has changed in the lightness of being a beginner, I was feeling myself feeling very free once again … due to this freedom I could go into the most creative period of my life.

In the next five years, I started a company NeXT and a second company Pixar and during this I met a very amazing lady, who later became my wife. Pixar made the world’s first computer animated movie, “Toy Story”, and is currently the most successful animation studio in the world. Apple bought NeXT by taking an unexpected step and I went back to Apple. Apple today uses technology developed by NeXT …. Now Lorene and I have a beautiful family. I can say with absolute surety that if I had not been removed from Apple then all this would not happen to me. It was a bitter medicine … but perhaps the patient needed it. Sometimes life stops you like this. Do not lose your faith. I can say with conviction that I just went ahead because I loved my work … I loved my work.

You have to know what you really like to do, as much as it is necessary to find your love, it is important to find the work that you truly enjoy, your work will be a major part of your life, and truly-satisfied The only way to be done is to do what you really think is a big thing … and there is only one way to do big things that you do what you enjoy doing. If you have not got that work yet, do not stop; Keep searching for it. As everything is connected to the heart, you will know when you get it … And as it happens in a good relationship, it will be better with time …. Keep looking for it … Do not stop.

My third story is about death. When I was 17, I read a quote, which was like this, “If you live every day as if it is the last day of your life, then you will be proved right on some day.” It has my mind Made an impression on, and since then … For the past 33 years, I have risen up in the mirror every morning and have asked myself a question, –

If this was the last day of my life, would I do what I am going to do today?

And whenever there is no “no” response for many consecutive days, I understand that something needs to be changed. Remember that I will die very soon, it is most helpful for me to take major decisions of my life, because once I think of death then all the expectations, all the pride, the fear of failure, everything disappears. Goes and only saves what is really important. To remember that one day is to die … the best way to overcome fear of losing something is the best way. You are already bare There is no such reason that you do not listen to your heart.

About a year ago I found out that I had cancer. My scan was done at 7:30 in the morning, which clearly showed that my pancreas had tumors. I did not even know what happens to pancreas. Doctor almost convinced me that I have a cancer that is not possible, and now I am just a 3 to 6 month old guest. Doctor advised that I should go home and organize all my things, which means indirectly, “You are ready to die.” This means that you should try to make the things you do with your children in the next ten years. , Do that in the next few months. It means that you organize everything-that your family has the least difficulty after you. It means that you’re good-bye to all.

I spent the whole day with this diagnosis and then my biopsy took place in the evening where my endurance was inserted through my throat, an endoscope in my intestine and some cells were removed from the tumor with a needle. I was unconscious, but my wife, who was there, told me that when the doctor saw my cells from the microscope, she cried … Actually seeing the cells, the doctor understood that I have a very rare type of pancreatic cancer that is fine with surgery It is possible. I got my surgery and fortunately now I am fine.

So close to death I have never reached this before, and I hope that it will not reach the next few decades. After seeing all this I can say with confidence that death is a useful but intellectual concept. No one wants to die, even those who want to go to heaven … Even death is the destination which we all share. No one is left to this day. And that should be because perhaps death is the biggest invention of this life. It changes the life, removes the old and opens the way for new ones. And at this time you are new. But not much; In a few days, you too will become old and will become clean from the road.

Sorry for being so dramatic, but this is true. Your time is limited, so do not waste it on someone else’s life. Do not think in the wrong way, do not drive your life according to others. Do not let your inner voice in the noise of others’ thoughts, drown your intuition. They already know what you really want to be. Everything else is secondary.

When I was young, there used to be a wonderful publication, “The Whole Earth Catalog”, which was one of the bibles of my generations. It was a man named Stuart Brand, who did not stay far away from MelonPark, made it very lively for his poetic touch. It’s a matter of the sixties, when computers and desktop publishing did not work. The complete catalog was made with the help of ..typewriters, scissors and polaroid cameras. It was something like Google was made in the form of a book …. That 35 years before Google’s arrival She was an ideal, full of good tools and great ideas.

Stuart and his team removed many issues of “The Whole Earth Catalog” and finally got a final issue. It was the middle of the seventies, and then I was as much as you. The back cover of the final issue was the view of the road of any village in the early hours … it was such a road that if you are adventurous, would like to ask someone for a lift. And that picture was written below, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. This was their farewell message when they signed-off, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” and I have always wanted this for myself, and now when you are graduating from here, I want to do the same for you, Stay hungry, stay fool Thank you all very much. “

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