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PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

On19, March 2019 Player’s Unknown Battleground was made compatible for android and IOS. PUBG is so loved by the user and wonderful experience which they gained has made it to reach50million download. This gaming behind PUBG is that you will be born in an unknown land together with other players. There is a war between all of them for survival. And the winner of this game will be decided by the last man standing. Even you are a PUBG lover then here we have compiled some of the cool tricks and tips which can help you to improve your gameplay.

  • M416: this gun is probably the PUBG Mobile Best Weapon since it can be both at the same time it can work an assault rifle and at the same time it can work as sniper per for average distance. The new update brings war mode and the addition of SLR sniper.
PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

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Some of the PUBG Mobile Secrets

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

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  • Walking without making noise: This trick works only with the pistol and other single handed guns. Using this you can walk without making any type of sound by using crunch in sprint mode this will not create any sound and will lead to less enemy detection.


  • The main thing that you have to take care is about that this trick works only with the pistol. Performing this trick with any other gun might end up by detection from the enemy and this may kill you without your notice.


  • Climb up without stair: This is a cool trick by which you can climb up to the roof of those buildings which do not have stairs to go up to roof. To use this trick you need to find out building with the balcony. Then go to the top floor open up the balcony door point just next to the door and jump by this you will climb on railings again jump by this you will climb on the door and jump again by this you will climb on the top of the roof here this trick will work on the building having balcony.


  • Blind the enemy: Using this trick you can make the enemy’s mobile screen white for a while which can help you to give time to choose perfect spot to fight or can give you can to kill him in “No time reaction situation”. To use this technique to keep the bomb in your hand and let it get exploded this will make enemy screen white but no effect will be shown on your screen. This way you can win the one on one fight.


  • Peek and Fire: This is one of the PUBG mobile best settings. Using this setting you can fire by revealing the least amount of your body.   go to setting and enable pick and fire this allows you to tilt and stand fire by which only your half body get revealed. Which helps in less enemy detection and efficient fire.

Some of the PUBG Mobile Tips Reddit

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

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  • Use Vehicles: they will of course make a lot of sound but instead of walking you can use them to save your time. If you want to escape then vehicles are best. Vehicles can be found all around but you can commonly find them near cities.


  • Keep An Eye On The Map: Keeping an eye will make you aware of the area you are in and it will alert you about diminishing play area.


“The circle” this is the best place to stay but as the game moves forward the circle shrinks and staying outside this circle for a long time will increase your probability to die. Keeping an eye on mini map will save you form going out of this circle.


  • Pistol can be PUBG mobile best weapon in situations like one on one war. In such a situation you have to move fast and take decisions fast. Since distance is very less even pistol can be deadly. Hence it is advisable to carry a pistol every time with you so that you can perform better in “One on One” fights.

Some of the Pubg Mobile Cheats and Tips

  • Always shut the door since this will allow you to wait for your enemy to enter in the house so that you can shoot him. Or if you are in the building the sound of door opening will help you to know that somebody have entered the room.


  • Always try to aim for headshot since headshot do more damage.

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