Best On-Page SEO Techniques 2018 | #1 SEO Tips And Tricks


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Best On-Page SEO Techniques: Thanks for landing on to this page, here we’ll answer for this Question(Best On-Page SEO Techniques) as this is a frequently asked question by SEO aspirants.

Best On-Page SEO Techniques 2018

Let it be any type of SEO it is focused on ranking to come into the eye of search of the technique is on page SEO technique. It includes technical setup. The quality of your code the content and the interface of your website.

On-Page, SEO has the direct effect on off page SEO. And the best part is all the things are in your hands from writing good content to have a wonderful website interface. It a common sense if you have a good performing up to dated website then naturally it will be ranked higher.

Advanced SEO techniques 2018

  • Write Longer Meta Description: Google rewrote a Meta description of some of the websites whose description was short. The content should provide valuable information this will naturally help to get ranked higher.


  • Work on Speed Loading: Try improving the loading speed of your website. Your website is in response to provide user what they want. Late loading will create a low-quality interface image which in turn will reduce your traffic.


  • Optimize the pictures: They are the source of information worth 100 words. Picture attract traffic more than content hence the written picture in a right way will, in turn, increase your traffic. This technique is one of the best SEO practices in 2018.


  • Check SEO Responsiveness. Check the response with SEO perspective. Whether your website is giving good interface is it a mobile-friendly etc. this will surely help you in getting a good amount of traffic.


Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques 2018

1.Keywords Usage: Use keywords in your content course this is the word a search engine look for in your content fill them in the locations like headlines, attributes, images etc.

2.TF-IDF: Term frequency-inverse document frequency. It measures the importance by comparing how often a keyword appears. Depending on open that the search engines decides priority and gives the results.

3.Synonyms and Close Variants: This is the condition when the queries don’t match the content. At this position, the search engine look for synonyms to put the result and write your content full of synonyms and close variant words and is one of the best SEO practice.

On-Page SEO Checklist

  • Title tags: Focus on the keywords on the title tag. The closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title, the better it is. Tittle should have moderate character.


  • Meta Descriptions: Include keywords in the page’s meta description. It helps in increasing CTR when they are written properly.


  • URLs: Use targeted keywords in the URLs.


  • Optimize image: Pictures are the best way to attract anyone. it is good practice to keep keywords in the filename.


  • Use Outbound links: It adds trust to your website plus it gives value to your content it also helps in creating value points.


On-Page SEO 2018

  • Publish Long Form Content: Writing good quality content with its long from helps in searching things better with adding keywords throughout the page.


  • Link to other Posts and Pages: Form internal linkage on your website. This will make people spend more time on your website due to this search results will be better.


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